Public Speaking Courses Prepare For Your Opportunity.

Proficiency in public speaking is a powerful attribute for an potential management employee to have, it is therefore very surprising that many career minded people who are looking for promotion and progression do not seek out education or training in public speaking so as to be ready when their chance occurs.

One of the important considerations for achieving a successful public speaking or presentation event is preparation, be prepared. It makes sense, so why are people not prepared when their opportunity arises?

Aspiring management colleagues should ensure that they are prepared by enrolling on public speaking courses or executive presentation courses before they reach the point in their career when they need to make that presentation or public speech.

Let me demonstrate the need to be prepared with this true story of a presentation that I was asked to do.

The IT director tasked me with giving a presentation on “computers in business” to a group of visiting college information technology students and their lecturers. I was given this task late one evening and told it was the following morning. The Company were keen to promote good relations with the visiting college so as to ensure a good supply of candidates for future employees and as part of a wider culture of involvement in the local community. The late notification was due to the original presenter being suddenly unable to fulfil the task.

We all know that preparation is a vital ingredient to a successful presentation, however, on this occasion I was already committed to something that evening and therefore had very little time to prepare an interesting and engaging presentation.

Two other important considerations for making a successful presentation are knowledge of the subject and a passion for that subject, a passionate speaker will automatically connect with the audience and that passion for the subject will shine through, I was very knowledgeable on the subject and making computers actually do some work was my driving business passion, I was well prepared in those respects.

The presentation, one of several to be made that day, was to last for around twenty minutes.

The presentation room was fully equipped with a wide range of audio visual presentation systems, all the usual paraphernalia, however as I had little time to prepare, I decided that what was needed was a four point bullet list, one being the introduction, and a discussion type interchange with the audience, this would allow five minutes per point. I prepared one OHP (Overhead Projector) slide with the four bullet points listed.

Next day driving in to work I ran through the presentation in my head, visualising the event and conversing with the imaginary audience, working through the four bullet points on my list and joining them together for a cohesive presentation.

The visiting students and lecturers were taken on a tour of the company and then assembled in the conference room for the presentations, there were four presentations mine being the last and when my turn came I gave my list to the OHP operator and asked him to uncover the bullet points one by one when I called for it, I then took up a position directly in front of the audience, ignoring the lectern, close to the front row within their personal space in order to connect directly with the audience.

I introduced myself and my role in the company and started the presentation encouraging a two way conversation, we have all experienced problems with the PC operating system which leads us to having to completely re build our PC after a time, on our home computer if we have to rebuild our computer once every year and it takes the best part of a day to do so we would be reasonably happy with that, however if we as a business had a PC problem once a year then with three hundred and fifty PCs we would have a PC down every day of the year, one employee unable to work, one IT support technician fully employed fixing the problem every day of the year.

This was “the hook” this engaged the audience and we moved through to the leading edge versus the bleeding edge and had an enjoyable twenty minutes together.

The audience was happy, the IT director was pleased and commented on a well delivered presentation especially given the short notice.

So this was a successful presentation with everyone happy with the outcome, I however was a battle hardened presenter, having made numerous presentations previously, having been trained in instructing and having done some years as an instructor, in short I was confident in my ability to deliver, knowledgeable on the subject and passionate about the subject, a young aspiring management colleague would not have that wealth of experience to look too. Experience can not be taught but by being prepared, by enrolling in a public speaking course or executive presentation course the colleague can be prepared as much as is possible for when their opportunity arises.

With the Internet there are online presentation courses that can be completed in your own time at minimal cost. Speak to your HR today and turbocharge your career.





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