Developing And Improving Your Public Speaking Method

When your boss told you that your idea was so good that he wanted the big wigs upstairs to hear all about it you got all ready to give yourself a much deserved pat on the back. It was right about at that point that he laid out the other part of his congratulatory delivery you get to stand up in front of all those big wheelers and dealers and present that little brain storm of yours. That's when you began kicking yourself for opening your big mouth. Clearly, your verbal communication skills were good enough to get your point across to your immediate supervisor. But will they be good enough to stand before the powers that be and coolly and calmly introduce your idea?

Is it time to possibly think about improving your communication skills?

Truth be told, it was probably time to think about that before now. But, since there's no time like the present you might as well work with a few rough pointers for better public speaking skills.

  • Work out your nervous jitters with exercise before you actually get up to speak. Taking a short, brisk walk or some mild isometrics before speaking can help you work out nervous energy.
  • Stop visibly shaking, again through isometrics while actually doing your speaking. Arm and/or leg isometrics for approximately 10 seconds can be executed during your speech and no one will even notice.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Do it in front of a mirror. Rehearsing over and over again will make your speech more of an effortless performance and leave less room for error. Practice makes perfect.
  • Being 100% prepared is vital to alleviate the stress and pressure you put upon yourself. No one expects you to be perfect so you shouldn't either.
  • Think less about yourself (your fear) and more about your message and your audience.
  • Have a good time! If you don't smile, your audience probably won't either.

It may be time to let the experts handle things!

Enrolling in a public speaking class and possibly the follow-up courses that it may involve could be the best way to enhance and improve your verbal communication skills on a larger than life level. Talking to someone face to face is essentially no different than talking to a group just harder. There are tested and proven techniques used in these classes that will help you make your talk as effortless and informative as possible, while assisting in your self confidence and speech delivery.